Chemical Peel, Benefits, types & Cost in Dallas, Tx

The chemical peel is popular due to its effectiveness in improving the appearance of the skin, especially in the hands, face, and neck areas. This treatment involves the application of a special chemical solution onto the area that you want the skin to lighten.  

Like other skin care treatments, chemical peel works through exfoliating the affected skin and regenerating new skin cells.

Types of Chemical Peel treatment done in Dallas, Tx

Lunchtime Peel or Superficial.

This chemical peel in Dallas, Tx, is used to treat mild skin patches and discoloration. Also, the lunchtime peel is effective in enhancing the rough surface of the skin, which is common in the chest, hands, neck, and face.
Since the lunchtime peel works on the superficial dermal layer of the skin, only mild acid is used in the process. Most of the medspas in Dallas, Tx, utilized an alpha-hydroxy acid in lunchtime peel skin treatment.

Medium Peel.

This kind of chemical peel in Dallas, Tx, works both on the superficial and middle layers of the skin. The recommended chemical solution for medium peel is either trichloroacetic or glycolic acid. This treatment is common to people who are suffering from wrinkles, age spots, freckles, and moderate level skin discoloration.

Deep Peel.

Among the types of chemical peel procedures, this one is only applicable on the face and, ideally, must be done only once in a lifetime! The reason for this is that the chemical solutions used in this procedure are considered as ‘deep resurfacing agents’ and may cause harm if applied frequently. Included in the chemical solutions that are commonly used in deep peel treatment are phenol and trichloroacetic acid.

Experts suggest that deep peel must not be used by people who have darker skin tones. This is because deep resurfacing agents may cause massive skin bleaching.

Benefits of Chemical Peel Dallas, Tx

The chemical peel in Dallas, Tx, will surely bring you a lot of benefits. But aside from the noticeable improvement of your skin, you can also enjoy the following benefits of chemical peels.


You will surely want to avail of a skin care treatment procedure that lasts long, right? Well, that’s what you’ll get if you avail of a chemical peel in Dallas, Tx. Also, you will notice that the treated areas will retain their uniform skin tones even after several years.


Since the effects of chemical peels are proven to last longer compared to other skin treatments, this means huge savings on your part! This is because you don’t need to pay for other skincare treatments to achieve the skin tone that you want.


Expect to get professional chemical peel services in Dallas, Tx! With this, you will be at peace and assured that you would get nothing but the safest and most effective chemical peel treatment in Dallas.


What’s unique in medspas in Dallas, Tx is the brand of their customer-service. Dermatologists and medspa personnel in Dallas are all welcoming and always make sure that their clients are served with the utmost of their abilities.


Another benefit of having a chemical peel in Dallas is that most of the medspas there use state-of-the-art equipment. Of course, using the latest equipment and materials will boost your self-confidence! You will get to experience quicker and safer skincare treatments in Dallas compared to the other cities.

These are only a few of the benefits of chemical peel in Dallas, Tx. These are, indeed, enough compelling reasons why it is best to have your chemical peel in this city!

How Much Does Chemical Peel Cost in Dallas, Tx

You can avail of superficial peel in Dallas, Tx, for as low as $15. On the other hand, the medium peel will cost you $1,000-$3,000. And if you want a deep peel treatment, prepare for at least $6,000. But of course, this quotation might get lower, depending on the arrangement that you will have with your dermatologist.