Microneedling Treatment, Benefits, Types & Cost in Dallas, Tx

From diminishing scars, reducing wrinkles, rejuvenating aging skin, down to managing the effects of alopecia, you can rely on microneedling in Dallas, Tx.

 Basically, Microneedling pertains to a dermaroller skin treatment that utilizes needles to puncture the skin to generate new collagen tissues (this procedure is also called Collagen Induction Therapy). This procedure is commonly used to enhance the appearance of the face and neck areas. Microneedling is also used in eyelid surgeries and to resolve skin-related issues due to liposuction.

 Microneedling is responsible for the increase of the body’s collagen production. Collagen is a type of protein that lies on the connective tissues. This protein is responsible for the regeneration of skin, bones, and cartilage.

 With this information, it is evident that microneedling is a very effective method of addressing different skin issues. So, when your dermatologist believes that you need an advanced method of revitalizing your skin, there’s a big possibility that you will get microneedling in Dallas, Tx, soon!

Types of Microneedling Dallas, Tx

Cosmetic Needling.

This is a mild type of microneedling. In fact, cosmetic microneedling only uses a short needle to prickle the skin and create minute perforations to trigger collagen production.  

 Medical Needling.

This is deemed as a more effective microneedling procedure. In medical needling, longer needles are used to make deeper perforations, which will eventually lead to the rapid superficial production of collagen. 

Benefits of Microneedling Dallas, Tx

 Safe. If you avail of a microneedling in Dallas, Tx, you are assured of safe and effective treatment. A lot of studies confirmed that of all the skin-rejuvenating procedures, microneedling is one of the safest options. 

 Less Expensive. Compared to more advanced skincare procedures such as laser, microneedling is a way cheaper. But despite its cheaper cost, you cannot underrate the effectiveness of this skincare treatment!

Wider Scope. Another benefit of the microneedling in Dallas, Tx, is its broader scope! With this single treatment, you will be able to solve your acne, stretch marks, wrinkles, fine lines, alopecia, and dark spot problems.

 Professional. If you avail of a microneedling in Dallas, Tx, you will surely get professional services. You are assured that only competent professionals will do the job in keeping your skin at its best state.

 Best for Darker Skin. Since microneedling doesn’t use laser, this does not induce heat to the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin. Thus, you will not have any problems regarding hyperpigmentation after getting this particular treatment.

 These are but only a few of the benefits that you may get once you avail of a microneedling in Dallas, Tx. So, better weight these pros now and go to Dallas to settle your microneedling appointment!

How much does Microneedling Cost in Dallas, Tx

 If you are planning to avail of a microneedling in Dallas, Tx, you must prepare anywhere from $100-$700. And this estimate refers to a single session only. You have to take note that the prescribed number of sessions for microneedling to fully take effect is between three to six times. 

Since microneedling is classified as a cosmetic procedure, this is not also covered by most of the insurance plans.