Permanent full lips

Most of the people who want to enhance their lips rely on permanent full lips procedures in Dallas, Tx. This is because, aside from the richness of culture, Dallas is also known as a hub of best medspas in the world.

The different permanent full lips procedures in Dallas, Tx do not only help in improving the appearance of the typical lips. More than anything else, permanent full lips procedures help boost the self- confidence of people who have uneven, crooked, or thin lips.

Now, if you want to know the common types of permanent full lips procedures in Dallas, Tx, just read the following.

Types of Permanent Full Lips Dallas, Tx

Lip Tattoo.

This is a permanent full lips procedure that gained much popularity in Dallas, Tx, in 2019. Same as the usual tattoo procedure, the cosmetic tattoo also utilized a tattoo pen to inject a special ink to your lips.

The advantage of the cosmetic tattoo is that you can set the specific shade of ink that will be added to your lip’s micro-pigments. If you have a healthy lifestyle, lip tattoo will provide you perfect lips for up to three years.

Lip tattoo is a complicated and risky procedure of acquiring permanent full lips. Thus, you must only contact a trusted medspa to undergo this procedure.

Lip Blushing.

If you want to undergo a semi-permanent lip procedure treatment, lip blushing is your best choice!

Unlike the cosmetic tattoo that injects a special ink to the pigments of your lips, lip blushing just utilized water-based inks. But despite being considered as a semi-permanent full lip procedure, still, lip blushing is effective in creating a plumper lip and keeping the surface of your lips with even tint.

While it is true that lip blushing is just a semi-permanent enhancement, you still need to endure pain in the procedure. But you don’t have to worry since medspas in Dallas, Tx, will give you adequate anesthesia to manage the pain.

After getting a lip blush procedure, expect your lips to get a natural look. And depending on the concentration of the lip pigment that you’ll use, the effect of lip blush would normally last up to five years.

Benefits of Permanent Full Lips Dallas, Tx

Lasting Effect.

The effect of cosmetic lip tattoo lasts longer compared to typical lip makeup. And if maintained properly, your lip tattoo could even last for up to three years. You are also assured of a safe procedure since all lip tattoo in Dallas, Tx, utilized hypoallergenic inks.

Now, if in case you observe that the hue is gradually fading, you just have to go to your trusted medspa and repeat the said permanent full lip procedure.

Lesser- Invasive.

Cosmetic lip tattoo and lip blushing are lesser invasive procedures to achieve perfect lips. Thus, you don’t need to avail of the expensive and risky lip augmentation techniques, including lip injections and using hyaluronic acid as fillers.

You will also spare yourself from suffering too much pain from these dangerous lip augmentation procedures.


Another benefit of having permanent full lips (through lip tattooing and lip blushing) is the huge savings that you’ll get. In fact, you can have your lips fixed with lip tattoo for just $50 or less.

Now, if you will choose the other lip enhancement procedures that are available in Dallas, Tx, such as lip fillers and injections, you must prepare a whopping $2,000!

Boost Self-confidence.

Having permanent full lips in Dallas, Tx is more than the aesthetic impact! This is because permanent full lips procedures could actually bring back the hope and self- confidence of people who are not-so-lucky in having perfect lips.


Once you undergo a permanent lip procedure, you don’t anymore need to reapply lipstick or lip makeup. Thus, undergoing permanent lip procedure will not only make your lips look stunning but will save your time and energy as well!

How Much Do Permanent Full Lips Cost in Dallas, Tx

‘How much do permanent full lips cost in Dallas, Tx?’ You will definitely ask this question if you are not familiar with the permanent full lips pricing in Dallas, Tx.

Well, the charge of the permanent full lips in Dallas, Tx, may vary from one medspa to another. However, just for the sake of reference, the average cost of lip blush in Dallas starts from $300-$400. Meanwhile, if you want your lips to be fixed through lip tattoo, you just have to prepare at least $50.